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I draw what I see

Over the last years I have been drawing what I see and I think, observing  each human in a specific environment.

Sometimes, some moments, seemingly unimportant, can end up in a story I want to describe.

The way someone walks or stands, the way someone moves, moments gone as the time passes.

But every second can last forever in my canvas. Alone or not, the human is the main theme in my stories.

In the past, I used to make relief paintings using a family picture.

It was the story of my relatives, my personal story.

Now, I am trying to tell the same story while drawing figures of unknown people, turning their back to the viewer.

These figures could be everyone, you or me.

I use pencil and acrilycs, this period of time.

Sketching is a way to keep learning and to remember

the principles of art and drawing.

It helps me to stand on my own feet

and pass from the realistic to the indefinite.

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scetch trans.png
scetch trans.png
scetch trans.png
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